Salmon aperitif cake

Salmon aperitif cake

Salmon aperitif cake



160 gr of flour

3 eggs

15 cl milk

1 packet of dry yeast

2 slices of salmon or trout

1 tsp chives or dill8

0 g Grated Gruyère cheese

2 tablespoons of oil, pepper

100gr of Philadelphia type spread

Salmon or trout eggs

Preheat the oven 165 ° C Pour the flour and baking powder in a bowl. Form a well in the center of the bowl and add the eggs one by one and the milk. Mix. Cut the smoked salmon into strips. Add oil, herbs, grated Gruyere cheese and smoked salmon to the bowl. Pepper and mix everything. Pour the mixture into your well-grassed Pixmoule and cook for 25 minutes.
Meanwhile, whisk the cheese spread
When the cubes have cooled, coat with cream of cheese and place a few fish eggs.
Good tasting!

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