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Pralinee Log

Pralinee Log


I buy the pixmoule

Ingredients - For a log (24 cubes) - 

The old-time parliné

190g almonds

190g hazelnuts 

240g sugar 

60g water  

A good pinch of fleur de sel

Chocolate-praline fodder

460g praline 

225g milk chocolate 

135g dark chocolate

The coating icing white chocolate rock

600g white chocolate 

45g grape seed oil 

90g praline



The old-age praline

Place the dried fruit on a baking sheet lined with paper or baking mat and roast for about 30 minutes at 160oC.

Allow them to cool a little before removing the skin from the hazelnuts.

Put the sugar in a small saucepan with the water and make a caramel.

Gradually, the sugar will cook and take a nice, well-amber color.

At this time, pour the hazelnuts and almonds and stir well to wrap them in caramel.

Pour over a silicone mat and let cool.

When the caramelized dried fruit is completely cooled, break them down with a rolling pin.

This will make it easier for the mixer to work later on.

Put it all in the chopper with the fleur de sel and start mixing, at first you get a powder, and gradually the fruit oil will come out and the dough will liquefy.

Stop mixing as long as you get a homogeneous praline but not too liquid, you want to keep a texture with tiny "grains" of the old-time praline.

The praline chocolate fodder

Melt the two chocolates, add the still hot praline, mix well and pour into the Pixmoule until the second demarcation.

Close with the lid to have regular cubes and freeze for 2 small hours.

The white rock frosting

Melt white chocolate, add grape seed oil and praline.  Remove the Praline Rocks, place them on a rack and let them cool for 10 minutes before squinting them from the rock icing at 35-38 degrees Celsius.

Allow the chocolate to crystallize before moving the rocks onto the log racks.

Decorate with milk chocolate stars and store the log in the fridge.

Taste fresh.

The coating is crisp, the forage is melting and the "grain" side of the praline is very pleasant

Happy holidays!

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