Pixcube Cake Lemon Limoncello - for 1 Pixmoule

Pixcube Cake Lemon Limoncello - for 1 Pixmoule

Pixcube Cake Lemon Limoncello - for 1 Pixmoule




70g of egg

40g sugar 

The zest of a lemon 

A pinch of salt

40g of cream

80g flour 

5g baking powder

20g honey

30g melted butter


40g lemon juice

10g limoncello

20g icing sugar

30g of water


30g egg whites

60g caster sugar

a trickle of water

The lemon cake machine

Melt the butter with the honey and set aside.

Whisk eggs with sugar and lemon zest.

Add the cream and salt, then the flour and baking powder.

Finally, pour the melted butter-honey mixture and mix again.

Grease the Pixmoule and pour the device until the first demarcation and bake at 165 ° C for 30 minutes.

When removed from the oven, remove the pieces of cake that have escaped and immediately remove the cover. Unmold the lemon cakes by turning the mold over a wire rack.

Italian meringue

Put the egg whites in a bowl. Pour the powdered sugar into a saucepan and lightly wet it with a trickle of water.

Heat it and cook it at 118 ° c (start beating the egg whites as soon as the sugar is 110 ° c, then pour the cooked sugar over the whites).

Whisk until you obtain a shiny meringue which forms a bird's beak when the whips are removed.

Reserve 9 lemon cubes to dip in the Italian meringue.

Dress the Pixcubes by placing each lemon cube on the supports, the meringues on top.

Soaking syrup (to prepare when baking cakes)

Cold mix all the ingredients and apply generously with a brush on the lemon cake cubes still warm.

Keep in the fridge but enjoy them at room temperature (take them out about 45 minutes before).

Enjoy your meal !

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