Pixcube Chocolat Framboises

Pixcube Chocolate Raspberry

Pixcube Chocolate Raspberry




raspberries (fresh or frozen)


300g cream

140g white chocolate

3g of gelatin (1 sheet 1/2)

1 vanilla pod

80g of unsweetened cocoa powder

160g of cream




40 g of butter

50 g of flour

15 g cocoa powder, unsweetened

23 g of honey

2 eggs

30 g of almond powder (

43 g sugar

47 g of cream

a pinch of salt


110g dark chocolate 65%

45g egg yolks and

20g of egg, whole

30g of sugar and

 20g of water

 150g cream


frosting mirror cocoa (make the day before)

Bring to a boil the sugar and water, off the heat add the gelatin rehydrated and then the cocoa and finally the cream. Mix, shoot to contact and book in the fridge a whole night. Is used at 30°c.

The biscuit, fluffy cocoa:

Melt the butter with the honey.

Whisk the eggs with the sugar, add the almond powder, the cocoa, the salt, the cream and then the butter and honey melted. Finally, stir in the flour.

Run the device in a part of 12x12cm and bake at 165°c for 25 to 30 minutes.

Let the biscuit cool on a wire rack and then slice it up and cut out small squares of 2cm.

The chocolate mousse

Mount the cream whipped frothy (not too fitted) and set aside in the refrigerator. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and keep it at about 45°c.

Make the paste bomb: Put the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. When the sugar is at 110°c, start to whisk the yolks and eggs whole to the batter. Pour the sugar over it when it is at 118°c and whisk until cool.

The paste bomb is planned to triple in volume, blanch and form a nice ribbon when lifted. Roughly incorporate the paste bomb to the melted chocolate before you add the whipped cream. Stir gently until you obtain a chocolate mousse homogeneous.

Put it in your pocket and move on to mounting cubes.

Fill the molds with foam up to about half.

Drop one or two raspberries, put a bit of mousse, then arrange the squares of biscuit, mellow cocoa. Close the Pixmoule with its lid and place it in the freezer overnight.

Frosting cubes

Warm everything gently the frosting mirror cocoa.

Unmold the cubes of chocolate-raspberry and arrange them on a grid.

The glaze of the glaze mirror when the latter is at 30°c.

using a toothpick, move the cubes from the grid until the Pixsupport.

Pix tip: in Order to superimpose the various floors of the Pixcube, without damaging the glazing on the lower floors, you can use corks that are available in the center of the media.

Decorate the Pixcube chocolate raspberry with a Pixdeco ‘I love you’ depending on your tastes.






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