Pina Colada Tarts

Tarts Pina Colada

Tarts Pina Colada






150g of butter ointment

100g of sugar freeze

30g of powder of almond

25g of cocoa

3g of salt

1 whole egg

240g of flour T55



50g of butter

25g of sugar

30g of coke grated

10g of powder of almond

A pinch of salt

5g of flour



150g of purée of pineapple (or mixed cool pineapple)

150g cool pineapples cut there brunoise

15g of green lemon juice

60g vitpris

1 leaf of gelatine (2g)



1 egg

35g of sugar

The zest d ’1/2 lime

50g of green lemon juice

60g of butter

A top of green colouring agent



50g of whites of eggs

100g of caster sugar


400g of sugar

260g of water

12g of gelatine


Creamy lime
Whip the egg with the sugar and the zest of lime, add the juice and cook the whole in the late mild person / means up to thickening. Overturn on the butter, add a very small top of green colouring agent and mix the creamy then film it in contact reserve him for the fridge the whole night.



The cubes of mellow pineapples

To sharpen 150 g of cool pineapples there brunoise and to cook them over a medium heat under cover during about twenty minutes (until they become a bit mellow and translucent). < br /> prepare the confit of pineapple: Re-hydrate the gelatine. Put the purée of pineapple in a small saucepan with the green lemon juice and heat group. In the first bouillon, overturn in only once Vitpris and cook 60 seconds in the late fort without ceasing stinking. Add the gelatine out of the fire and clear the confit out in a container before incorporating the brunoise of fried pineapple there. Cast into Pixmoule in short - edge and come to slick the top with a small spatula. Freeze cubes at least 4 hours.

The sweetened paste cocoa
To work the soft butter with the sugar freezes, to add the powder of almond, the cocoa, the salt then the egg. Finally, incorporate the flour without working paste too much. Film and jam in the fridge at least one night.
The following day, when paste hardened well and am very cold, to lower it on 2-3mm and to make circles darker with 7 cm tart. Jam in the fridge 30 minutes then précuire the funds of tart about twenty minutes in 190°c. Take them out from the oven and prepare the cream of almond / coke.

The cream of almond / coke
Work the soft butter with the sugar, add the powder of almond and of coke, the egg, the salt then the flour. Deposit in every tart the equivalent of a spoon with coffee of cream of almond / coke and replace the whole in the oven in 160°c for about 10-12 minutes

The neutral topping
Re-hydrate the gelatine. To put the sugar and the water in a saucepan and to bring the whole to the boil, out of the fire to add the gelatine and to clear out in a packaging.S' uses in 30-35°c.

Assemblage, icing and Italian meringue
Trim the funds of tart with creamy lime. Turn out of the tin the cubes of pineapple and dispose them on a grid before freezing them of the neutral topping warmed up in about 30°c.

Move the cubes of pineapple on the funds of pie with the aid of one remedy-tooth and of a small spatula. Accomplish the Italian meringue: Put the whites of eggs in a bowl. Pour the caster sugar into a saucepan and wet it slightly with a net of water. Put him to heat up and cook it in 118°c (begin beating the whites of eggs since the sugar is in 110°c, then to pour the sugar cooked on whites). Stink up to getting of a bright meringue and which forms a bird's beak when whips are withdrawn.


Put the meringue in a pocket provided with a small shell Saint-honoré and raise it on all perimetre of tarts before coming to colour it with the aid of a blowtorch of kitchen
Decorate leaves of pineapple and let tarts Piña Colada thaw 2-3 hours in the refrigerator before tasting.







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