Tartelettes Pina Colada

Tarts Pina Colada

  I BUY THE PIXMOULE INGREDIENTS   SWEETENED PASTE COCOA 150g of butter ointment 100g of sugar freeze 30g of powder of almond 25g of cocoa...

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Tarte en Damier

Tarte in Damier

     I buy the pixmold Ingredients - Cocoa sown paste 150g pommade butter 100g of icing sugar 30g of almond powder 25g of cocoa ...

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Rubix Citron Pavot!

Rubix Lemon Poppy!

  I buy the pixmoule! The apparatus with cake lemon2 whole eggs 90g of caster sugar The yellow zest of 2 big lemons 140g of rapeseed oil ...

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