Jungle chocolate

Jungle Chocolate

Jungle Chocolate


4 eggs

170gr brown sugar

100g melted butter

70gr of wheat flour

4gr baking powder

35gr of powdered chocolate without sugar

1 pinch of saltVanilla extract


Mix sugar, vanilla and eggs
Sift the chocolate, flour, salt and yeast, directly into the sugar / vanilla and egg mixture.
Add the melted butter
Mix well (also great with a mixer)
Fill the mold 3/4 full (using the line)
Bake 20 minutes 165 ° C
Remove the cover as soon as it comes out of the oven mold
Unmold. Let cool for a few minutes.
Place the cubes on the Pixcake support
Using a brush, coat the cubes with melted chocolate or jam
Place the Pixdeco. It's ready!





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