Cake of the Kings (25 Blocked)

Kings Cake (25 Bites)

Kings Cake (25 Bites)

1. Make Financiers

2. Hide a bean in one of the 25 Pixmoule cubes before cooking.

3. Decorate your Pixcake as in the photos below, with whipped cream, red fruits and melted chocolate!



100gr of almond powder5 egg whites165gr of sugar60 gr of flour150gr of butterof



1. Put the butter in a saucepan, and heat it over medium heat. It must have a nutty color.

2. Meanwhile, combine the almond powder, sugar and flour in a bowl.

3. Add the hazelnut butter, passing it through a sieve. Mix well.

4. Add the egg whites.

5. You can add an aroma like pistachio, vanilla, or a little piece of raspberry!

6. Grease and fill the Pixmoule well. Tap the Pixmoule well to distribute the pasta well. Close the lid tightly and bake at 165 ° C for 40 minutes.




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