Looking for an idea for an original cake ? Pixcake has the solution ! With Pixdéco, quickly make a personalized cake for everyone to enjoy. The decorations are 100% edible and guaranteed vegetarian, without palm oil and without egg. They can be made of azym foil and even sugar, in which case the decor is also gluten-free. Ideal for children's birthday cakes, for snacks, sleepovers and various parties. Even make pixel art !


The revolutionary and patented lid makes perfect cubes with or without cooking.

Designed in France and produced in Italy by Silikomart, Pixmoule was developed after a year of research and development. With this unique mold on the market, you will be able to make delicious sweet bites but also incredible aperitifs. No more waste and space saving ! The bite makes it possible to taste to his hunger and allows to concentrate in small bites an explosion of flavor that will surprise the taste buds.

A fun and fun activity

So create the perfect cake for all occasions ! Ensure the next birthday, the snack of the month and the various upcoming holidays.

The original idea comes from two sisters who ran a bakery for 12 years in the heart of Paris. Wishing to transmit their passion for homemade products, they open the first cooking workshop dedicated only to children and give classes for 6 years. Very attentive to the needs of their customers and always looking for solutions to create personalized cakes, on a budget, in a simple and fast way, they thought of a solution that could help everybody. Pixcake was born. Today, they use Pixcake to change the rules of baking: create beautiful and good in no time to surprise young and old !



The anti-gaspi kitchen

Thanks to the different supports, you will be able to make cakes of various shapes in record time!
Replace the macaroons and make a mounted piece of Pixcake, the famous Cube, too easy, a light end of meal for parties with the log shape that can also be used to make a small train for a children's birthday, the cake entremets in pixel, everyone takes his bite...Ideas, again and again...Recipes in the recipe section and in the free e-book!



Designed for you

We all had mishaps during the birthday organization.

"It always feels like it's hard to create a custom cake and it takes a crazy amount of time. We have to buy new ingredients and utensils, but we are not artists and can not learn the techniques in one day!"

"The sets we bought will not necessarily be reused anymore because everyone has different desires and tastes. So we decide to buy a cake in the store..often too expensive, and not meeting the allergen restrictions of my child. "

"Traditional cakes have too large parts for these small mouths...so I had to take out the forks, plates, while half the cake often landed parterre! What children prefer is the decoration on the cake, which reminds them of their favorite hero! "Pixcake meets your needs!

Don't panic, Pixcake is here!